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nerojet ink jet ink

nerojet is setting the pace with the latest pigment ink.
nerojet pigment ink has bright-colored and small particle.

about nerojet

nerojet technology company limited is a high tech company, which established in tuas dist., singapore (nearby nayang technological university and industrial park). nerojet always bend ourselves to research, develop, manufacture best ink jet ink...

welcome to nerojet

nerojet has professionals in develop non-toxic ink jet ink and plotter ink. nerojet ink not only has gaily-colored, but also has stable quality, won’t damage nozzle or print head. present, nerojet ink is highly commended by customers. nerojet always do the best to provide excellent products to all over the world.

nerojet ink jet dye ink

nerojet ink jet dye ink has complete products, suitable for different printers. no matter use in desktop printers, wide-format printers, bubble jet printers or will all have excellent effect. nerojet use high quality dyes that made in usa to sure products have good light fastness, stable quality. nerojet ink has competitive price which marketing all over the world.

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